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Gold MLSA Graduation Blog

Meet a recent Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador graduate: Aditya Oberai

My feature from the Graduating Gold MLSAs blog series by the MLSA Program team

Everyone Can Do DevRel But Should They

Everyone Can Do DevRel (But Should They?)

Recently, I have observed a bubble developing around this space. Therefore, this blog shares my opinion on what DevRel needs from practitioners in the space and whether everyone should chase DevRel as a career.

Microsoft Educator Developer Blog Hackathon Platform Template

Create A Hackathon Submission Platform For Free With GitHub

Learn how you can create a free submissions platform to support your community's hackathon using a GitHub repository and GitHub issue forms.

From Student To DevRel A Memoir

From Student ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽ“ To DevRel ๐Ÿฅ‘: A Memoir ๐Ÿ“ƒ

In this blog, I have shared how my journey through 4 years of university helped me start a career in DevRel and the learnings that came along with it.

Rick Roll Your Friends Using Appwrite, Twilio, and dotNET

Rick Roll Your Friends Using Appwrite, Twilio, and .NET

Learn how to rickroll your friends using Appwrite Cloud Functions with .NET and Twilio

Appwrite Cloud Functions Using the New dotNET Runtime

Cloud Functions Using the New .NET Runtime

Understand how to write Appwrite Cloud Functions with .NET

Okta Authentication with Appwrite

Okta Authentication with Appwrite

Learn how you can implement Okta authentication in your projects with Appwrite

Auth0 Authentication with Appwrite

Auth0 Authentication with Appwrite

Learn how you can implement Auth0 authentication in your projects with Appwrite

Inspiring Women In Community

She Inspires: Ankita Mishra

As a part of Women's History Month 2022, I chose to celebrate the impact of one of my community mentors, Ankita Mishra on my journey

What Is DevRel?

Becoming A Better Developer Through Open Source

How contributing to open source helps you grow as a software developer

What Is DevRel?

What Is DevRel?

What Developer Relations really is and how it impacts tech today


Adventcado - Aditya Oberai

My written interview for the Adventcado initative

Organizing HackOn 2.0

Organizing HackOn 2.0

How we organized and managed the largest student-led hackathon in India

Community and Cold Coffee

Community & Cold Coffee Ep-5 - Community Engagement and its associated Metrics

Minutes from our discussion on understanding engagement and its metrics in communities

The Hackathon Podcast

The Hackathon Podcast - Discussion with Major League Hacking Coach Aditya Oberai

Podcast on my experiences in the hackathon world

MLH Top 50

MLH Top 50 - Aditya Oberai

My showcase page as a member of the MLH Top 50 Class of 2021 hackers


Fake a Phone Call from Wear OS Smartwatches using Xamarin, Azure Functions, and Twilio

Build a Wear OS smartwatch app that can fake a phone call to get you out of tricky situations

MLH LHD Build 2021 Hello World

Hello, World in a New Language - MLH Local Hack Day: Build 2021

Create a simple "Hello, World" .NET console application written in C#

Uplifting Developer Communities With Hackathons

Uplifting Developer Communities With Hackathons

Why we need more hackathons in our tech communities today

Progate Community Intern

My Journey As A Community Intern

How I Spent 5 Months Empowering Student Tech Communities With Progate

Hackathon To-Dos 101

Hackathon To-Dos 101

Insights from my experiences in the hackathon community


Why Good Schools Matter: A Tale From The Doon School

My feature on the Fayz Canvas online platform

ng-India 2020

ng-India 2020

My experience leading the volunteer team at the largest Angular developers conference in India

Innovation or Coordinated Organization

Innovation Or Coordinated Organization Of Scientific Facts, The Real Mark Of Sustenance?

Resharing my Inter House Shanti Swaroop Science Essay Competition's Runner-Up Submission from 2017

MSPInspire India 2020

MSPInspire India 2020

My experience organizing and speaking at the MSPInspire India event in the Microsoft Gurugram office

MSP Program

How To Become A Microsoft Student Partner (MSP)

Sharing the details and application procedure of the Microsoft Student Partner Program (deprecated)